Every is1 172E

Everybody Everytime Everywhere Everyis1

1. Large Opening Angle
2. Height adjustable lumbar support
3. 2D and 4D armrests
4. High quality mechanism with auto lift system
5. Synchronous mechanism with body weight adjustment
6. Seat inclination adjustment
7. Seat depth adjustment

EVERYis1 offers no compromise neither in design nor functionality. The black or white backrest, with its clear line, is covered with a light and breathable mesh that contributes to excellent ergonomics features. As an option, the comfort of EVERYis1 can be enhanced by a height adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, seat inclination, and 2D or 4D armrests. Welcome to the world of flexibility for the office of tomorrow!

Height (mm)


Width (no ArmR) (mm)


Width (ArmR) (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Volume (m3)