Triton blinds or Open Roman Blinds as commonly known for their similarity, combine the aesthetics of Roman Blinds and adds the flexibility of privacy sheer in this unique style of blinds.

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    1. Signature Woods collection features an exotic range of wooden Venetian blinds distinguished by a rich stained finish. Wooden Blinds are crafted from the finest wood, treated for durability and are finished with a premium coating. Signature Wooden Blinds are environment-friendly, have no smell and are safe for humans with Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
    2. Add individuality and personalized touch to your decor by choosing from our extensive range of Signature Woods. Featuring a selection of contrast or matching colour ladder tapes and choice of decorative tassels and pulls.
  • Sonatine BLINDS

    1. Sonatine Blinds, also known as Zebra Blinds for alternating twin stripes look. Sonatine Blinds are a perfect combination of function and style. Two layers of fabric rotate to offer maximum flexibility between the filtration of light and privacy. The fall of the fabric ensures low maintenance and ease of use.
    2. Specially designed fabrics match a wide array of home decor and offer privacy where needed. Recommended for use in low maintenance areas combined with style, elegance and privacy.

    In a bold statement of style large panels of fabric are attached to the wall or ceiling on a channel. Panels slide back and forth on the track for easy operation and can stack clear of the door or window in the open position. Available in a wide selection of fabrics, panel blinds are easy to coordinate with any décor style as well as other window coverings in the room.

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    Specially created for protection from rain without obstructing visibility Monsoon Blinds give a clear outside view. Monsoon blinds last long and provide excellent value for money even in high exposure conditions.


    1. Cellular blinds bring a unique combination of a modern, sleek and elegant look, making it the most obvious choice of the trend icons.

    2. Cellular blinds are also called honeycomb blinds for its cell-like structure. In addition to its appearance, cellular blinds serve as an excellent energy conservation tool. Its unique cell structure traps air in its pockets to help keep the room cool in the summer and warm in winter. To achieve high energy efficiency, single-blind up to 12 feet width can be produced.

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    Automation is the current buzzword and Blinds bring you an option of motorization of your blinds, which offers flexibility and ease of use along with many other advantages.


    1. Roller Blinds offer perhaps the most practical style of window shades and are suitable for almost any part of your home. Our collection combines the tone of contemporary weaves and textures with the exclusivity of trendy or traditional blinds. A range of technical fabrics can be used for Roller Blinds for use in specific applications ranging from fire retardants to lighting controls.
    2. With applications ranging from homes to offices, our assortment of Roller Blinds blends in any décor and style, right from a minimal look to contemporary, automated blinds with a matching fascia.

    1. Beautifully crafted Solarette fabrics are a unique solution for diffusing natural window light in the rooms. The principal fabric blades are sandwiched between two sheer fabrics to allow maximum versatility of light filtration. A simple tilt of blades achieves the desired level of light and privacy.
    2. Recommended for use in spaces where style is of utmost priority without any compromise in privacy and abundance of light.
    3. A specially printed variant offers maximum privacy and high style quotient.