Unique product line, combination of aesthetics and functionality for modern houses, commercial places.
De-Lite blinds are made out of 55 mm wide suspended fabric vanes placed between 2 sheer fabrics Facings that give excellent light control. with Sheer fabric, can enjoy the outside view & tilting it down to a semi-opaque finish for privacy. Give the expression” a room with a view” precision like never before.

Symphony (Double Roller) blinds comprise of Zebra stripes of sheer & translucent fabric provides a combination of lighting with privacy & visibility enhancing the interior decor.


Exclusive & amazing product line also known as exterior blinds especially used during monsoons, withstands heavy lash of rain water and intense wind pressure without blocking the outside view.
Ideally can be used in balconies, Rooftop Cafeterias, Beach resorts , Garden restaurants, food courts.
Usage of clear PVC films ensures visibility both ways and is customized to fit perfectly and create better looking locales.


Alternate economical blinds to wood blinds.Made from advanced technology, PVC and a composite of man-made materials combined with wood particles.
Look alike of wood blinds and additional benefit of being fully washable and unaffected by humidity

Roller Blinds

Comprehensive range of glass fiber and PVC Screens available with openness factors ranging from 3 % to 5% for optimization of daylight.
Fabrics available in Blackout, Dim-out and translucent range to meet the required type of interior. Available in both, motorized and manual operating verions.
Printed Roller collection includes Floral, Abstracts, Blackouts, Sheers & Translucent.


Introducing an exclusive exterior blind from Ziptraks, Australia, a simpler way to shade, protect and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.
Track guided exterior roller blinds available with UV stabilised clear PVC or high performance solar fabrics.
Easy to use versatile, eco-friendly and provide an all weather protection and designed to withstand wind speed of about 80Kmph.
Available in manual & motorised versions.


Solid wooden blinds give an erudite look and facelifts the surroundings giving a feel of realms of the alchemy,amid modern amenities.
Modern alternative to curtains with an old world touch.
Timberline W ooden venetian blinds made of 100% basswood recognised as a stable material for blinds