The Importance Of A Comfortable Office Chair For Long Hours Sitting

Do you sit for long hours while at work? If so, you probably realize the importance of a comfortable office chair. An uncomfortable office chair can cause a variety of problems, including decreased worker performance, tiredness and pain. Your body was not designed to sit for hours; therefore, you need a chair that supports your body and provides comfort.

Health Effects of Sitting

One of the most common problems associated with sitting too long is back pain. Back pain occurs when the back is not supported properly. An office chair with lumbar support and a full back can provide the support your body needs.

While you are working, you need a chair that is the proper height so that your feet reach the floor. An adjustable office chair allows you to adjust the height so your feet hit the floor and your legs are at a 90 degree angle.

You do not want to spend all day sitting on a hard surface; therefore, the office chair should have ample padding. A properly padded chair not only provides comfort, but it will also contours to the body to support it.

An office chair should also support your upper body. Choosing a chair that has arms will allow you to rest your elbows on the chair while you are working. For best results, your elbows should be at a 90 degree area. This helps prevent shoulder, neck and arm pain from occurring.

Millions of workers spend their entire workday sitting in an office chair. Sitting too long can cause a multitude of health problems, including back, shoulder and neck pain; therefore, it is essential that the chair you sit in offers proper support. Protect your health, improve productivity and enjoy the comfort a high quality office chair can provide.

A Guide To All Day Use Office Chair’s Features

Do you work in a job that requires extended periods of sitting? If so, you need a chair that is comfortable and supports your body. The following information will help you find the best chair based on the features you need.

Is It Adjustable?
When you are sitting in an office chair, your feet need to be able to reach the floor. An adjustable chair not only allows you to find a comfortable position for your legs, but it will also allow you to comfortably reach your desk and work materials.

Lumbar Support
Sitting is hard on your back. An office chair with lumbar support can help protect your back and prevent injuries. When choosing an office chair, look for a full back that will support your back and your head. Many of the best office chairs offers adjustable lumbar support. This adjustment allows you to mimic the natural curve of the spine and support it.

Nothing is worse than sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair. Look for a chair that offers ample padding in the seat and the back. This will help ensure you remain comfortable even when sitting for extended periods of time.

Arm Support
A chair with armrest will help prevent wrist injuries. One of the leading causes of injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, is often cause by improper alignment of the elbows and wrists. Finding a chair with armrests will help support these injury prone areas.

Finding the best features in an office chair will help prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. Additionally, an ergonomic, comfortable chair can increase productivity and protect against injury, such as carpel tunnel syndrome and spinal disc injury. Use the information from this article to find a chair that supports the body and provides comfort.

How To Choose An Office Chair If You Work 8 Hours Per Day

Working in an office setting for 8 hours or more per day is not a comfortable task. Oftentimes, you can develop back problems that can hinder your ability to perform well in the workplace. One solution to these problems is simply purchasing a better quality office chair than the one you already have. There are low end chairs out there, but if you’re able to spend more money and purchase something on the higher end of the scale, you will find your back pain decreasing and your productivity increasing.

Choosing an office chair is different for everyone, but here are some thoughts to take into consideration:

Does the chair have enough lumbar support? When it comes to hours of working behind a desk, it’s important that your chair has support panels in all the right places– most importantly in the lumbar regions.

What is the maximum load capacity of the chair? Depending on your weight, it’s important that your chair is able to support your entire body without falling apart. For heavier people, it’s optimal to check out chairs in person to ensure the chair feels stable and massive enough for support.

Does the chair recline? If you have an 8 hour work day to consider, you should opt for a reclining office chair that comes with a matching ottoman. During your break, you’ll be able to recline and rest your back. The addition of an ottoman will help you align your spine by elevating your feet.

Lastly, a good chair will last you for several years. You can find an office chair that has additional perks such as an armrest or even a built in massager that sends out vibrations. Though you can purchase chairs online, it’s best to test them out in person.

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How to Get a Chair for an Office Worker that Sits for Extended Periods

Anyone who works for about more than eight hours a day at a desk in a chair can experience health problems over time. Besides having back pain, staying in a chair for too long in the wrong position can pose a risk for cardiovascular disease. Before you buy a chair for your home office or before you buy several chairs for a team of workers, you need to know what to look for in that chair so that it provides the best ergonomic support possible.

Look for chairs that have all the correct adjustments to help promote good seated posture. These can include adjustments for the chair’s height. A person should sit with both feet touching the floor, otherwise it creates a strain on the lower back for them. Also, there should be a way to adjust the seat back to provide a comfortable means of supporting the lower back. This can also help transfer body weight off the floor and against the backrest of the chair.

Test chairs outfitted with casters. It is easier for a seated worker to move from one area of the desk to another when there are casters. It will take more physical effort to have to get up from a chair to move to a keyboard or a printer every time they need something during the work day. By being able to roll to the desired location, it takes more pressure away from the legs and feet.

Make sure there are armrests that offer a way to adjust them up or down to meet a person’s comfort level. To test these levels, you can have the worker sit in the chair as you help him or her adjust the back, the height and the height of the arms for a perfect fit.