Ceiling Liner 84R

84R / 84RF / 84RR / 184R / 284R
Most conventional and traditional one specifies the visualization of larger area in Length or Width. Linear Ceilings 84R when used in combination of Flush Cap/Recess Cap gives the flush look if groove not desired and has great advantage of having different colours for Panel & Flush Cap / Recess Cap with more ease of maintenance with enlightened look of false ceiling.
Architects are frequently using for Passages, Lift lobbies, Balconies, Bathrooms, Wall Cladding etc. High mirror finish panels are used for Jewellery show rooms, etc.

Multi C

75C / 150C / 225C
This C system is a closed ceiling with extensive use and has easy maintenance and
has power to design ceilings as per current trend.
This system satisfies the long need of Architects with respect to Monotonous plain look as this system gives flush look combined with mini V groove, Width
combination as this system uses universal carrier to mix and match 75C, 150C & 225C.


84R V3
SupersilMetal Elevations also has an option to traditional Fabric Awnings in Aluminium or Steel. The continuity adds an impressive new dimension to the building system Curvature look of 84R Panels allows freedom from plain look of fabric for better aesthetics. V3 carrier is designed for interlocking of 84R panels on front & rear side to give Water proofing, Sturdiness and allows distinct colour combination.
Exterior Supercote Powder Coating finish adds benefit like Durability, Colour
fastness, Humidity resistive, Corrosion resistive over and above the recyclable product for Green environment and Energy efficient.

Lay in Tile

Liner 150F

150F Interlockable Ceiling / Cladding
Excellent for exterior application especially cold and wet weather installations without cracking or losing finish. Inter-Lockable Panels are designed to be non removable and regular access can be obtained with access doors or in an emergency with proper tools and instructions.
150 F wide panels with maximum length gives the good aesthetics with functionality of corrosion resistivity, weather-load bearing, washable and air tight, suits perfectly for Wall Cladding and False Ceiling.
150F Ceiling Systemis widely used for False Ceiling in camponies of Petrol Pumps,CNG Stations, LPG Stations, Toll Plazas, etc. and for Wall Cladding of Industries Control rooms, Warehouses etc.

Extirior Sun Louvers

84R SL4 / SL5 / H3
The installation of a Sun-louvres in an effective and simple way to protect a building and its occupants against direct solar radiation. The interception of direct sun rays prevents excessive heat penetrating through the windows. Intensive light spots are eliminated and rooms are more evenly illuminated.
Because of the openc on struction of a sun Louvre, the natural air flow is not interrupted.
This System is highly used by builders to conceal ducts, sanitary pipes, etc. because of ease of maintenance and exterior paint finish by Supersil of SUPERCOTE.

Z Shape Screen

Z100 / Z200
This Standard Screen Ceiling has been installed successfully over years as part of suspended ceiling. Unique Z shape allows flat 20mm colour strip on visibility and height of 100mm then takes care to hide the suspension unless seen directly from below, though open and has clear distance of 100 / 200mm it gives unique screen look if seen from distance. Aesthetically superb. Functionally full height of room remains but visually the height is reduced.
Ventilation remains same but it conceals all integrated services with visibility. To reduce the appearance of services it is advised to paint black all services above false ceiling height.