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    84 R CURVED


    1. Standard product and production process, providing for an extremely cost effective curved metal ceiling solution
    2. Curved panels, allowing concave or convex or undulating ceilings with a fixed radius of 325mm or a variable minimum radius of 1000 mm
    3. Long and narrow panel ceilings, length made to measure up to 6000 mm, allowing swift installation and reducing the need for joints to a minimum
    4. The same easy panel-on-carrier suspension system as for standard 84R ceilings, allowing easy transition to straight ceilings using the same panel
    5. Linear, open ceiling surface, using a concealed carrier suspension system, allowing the chosen panel curve to determine the appearance of the ceiling


    1. Curved 84R ceilings are suitable for most building sectors including corporate, transport (airports, metro, bus & train stations) retail, leisure, public space,  hospitality, healthcare & education environments.
    2. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.